1st Place: Jugend Forscht 2022 NRW

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I made InCode for the competition Jugend Forscht 2022. It can be used to create simple web applications by using native language.
It all started in August 2021 with the idea to allow people to create their own web applications in the simplest way possible.
To be even more simple, I wanted to integrate a block based programming environment for visual programming.
In February 2022, I went to the regional competition and won the first prize. A few months later, at the 07th of May, I went to the state competition of North Rhine-Westphalia and won the first prize.
I am very proud of winning the first prize because it means a lot to me. The competition was very fun, and I really enjoyed talking about InCode and getting honest feedback from the jurors.
I also learned a lot about presenting projects to the public. I really recommend everyone to go to competitions like this and to try to create their own projects.
This prize was the 3rd prize that I’ve won at Jugend Forscht and I will surely go to other competitions in the future.
If you want to try out InCode, you can find the source code on GitHub.

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